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    MAG Licensing Overview



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    MAG Licensing Overview

    Post by mattloffredo on Tue May 26, 2015 2:43 pm

    MAG Licensing Overview

    Models and User Counts:
    MAG2600 - Max 100 concurrent SSL VPN users
    MAG4610 - Max 1,000 concurrent SSL VPNusers
    MAG6610 - Max 20,000 concurrent SSL VPN users
    MAG6611 - Max 40,000 concurrent SSL VPN users

    High Availability Licensing:

    • High Availability allows a cluster of 2 appliances to share licensing for the purpose of redundancy.
    • Each unit in an HA pair must be licensed for half of the desired total of concurrent users.
    • IE. 100 concurrent users with an HA pair of MAG2600s would require qty2 MAG2600s, qty2 50 user lics and qty2 50 user support lics

    Lease Licensing (Enterprise Licensing):

    • Lease licensing allows user licenses to be leased or shared between multiple units in a cluster.
    • At least one unit must be used as the dedicated licensing server, this unit does not partake in license sharing. Only a MAG2600 or an SM160/360 module can function as a dedicated licensing server.
    • To use a MAG appliance as the dedicated licensing server, "ACCESS-LICENSE-SVR" must be applied to the unit.
    • All other MAG appliances in the lease license cluster require the appropriate "-LICENSE-MBR" license to partake in user license sharing.

    Further information can be found in the Ordering and Licensing Guide for MAG Series Appliances, found below

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