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    Email Security Configurations/High Availability/Licensing

    Post by daniel.kremers on Mon May 18, 2015 1:44 pm

    Customer is running ESA 3300 appliance and wants to add High Availability to the configuration.
    Reseller indicates they understand they can add another ESA 3300 appliance but would have to fully license the 2nd appliance
    and end up with an Active/Passive Configuration.They aren’t willing to pay for this level of High Availability and indicates they can
    afford to have a certain amount of down time.

    At the time (Oct/Nov) it was mentioned to the customer they could consider purchasing just the ESA 3300 appliance without any licensing.
    In the event of a failure of the primary ESA 3300, someone could contact SonicWALL and have the Licenses transferred over from the
    Primary ESA 3300 to the ESA 3300 that has been sitting on the shelf.
    Now he is asking us to confirm if this in deed is an option.

    Short Answer.
    - Having a box on the shelf and then calling customer service to move services over
    - This is not supported right now. It would be a hassle to get it done, you would probably get your existing box RMA’d faster.

    We only have redundancy if you set the Email Security in Split Mode.
    See attached info.

    Control Center:
    It is used to manage, monitor and report for single or multiple RA’s. It is responsible to send junk summaries and hold junk boxes.

    Remote Analyzer:
    It is purely used to process mails and send good mails to downstream server and Junk mails to Control Center.

    For a low cost HA type scenario using split mode.
    Box 1: Combined Control Center/Remote Analyzer
    Box 2: Remote Analyzer

    Both boxes are active and processing mail
    - If control center/RA goes down, the other Remote Analyzer (Box 2) will still process the mail and spool the junk mail instead of sending it to the Control Center

    Example of Licensing with 100 users:
    Two boxes running at the same time
    Box 1: CC/RA
    01-SSC-6607 SonicWALL Email Security 3300 - 1 Appliance $1,495
    01-SSC-7406 SonicWALL TotalSecure Email Subscription 100 (1 Yr) $1,300

    Box 2: RA
    01-SSC-6607 SonicWALL Email Security 3300 - 1 Appliance $1,495
    01-SSC-6701 SonicWALL Email Security 3300 Remote Analyzer Hardware Warranty - 1 Appliance (1 Yr) $180


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